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       Dongguan Feiyang Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, professional production of paper bags after printing packaging machinery and environmental protection paper bags company. Founded in 2008, the factory covers an area of 10080 square meters, packaging machinery has passed CE certification, environmental paper bags have passed FSC forest certification, ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification, the company has import and export rights, is a standard enterprise....... See more
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引进先进技术 严控质量关 Wear resistance, low noise, low temperature, maintenance-free, light weight
The products are certified by CCC and CE, sold all over the country and exported abroad.

大型加工中心 配件精度高 Packaging machinery is processed by large processing centers. Gears and gear shafts are processed by precision hobbing, with higher accuracy

配件库存充足 生产周期短 Warehouse standby standard parts, adequate stock, standard packaging machinery can be delivered in 7 working days

专业技术顾问 解客户之难 10 years experience in packaging machinery production
With a group of high-quality professional technicians and experienced workshop assembly personnel, you can quickly and efficiently solve technical problems for you.

配备送货专车 解客户之急 The company is equipped with special delivery trucks。 Customers in other provinces choose express delivery or large logistics companies to deliver goods to their doors。

售后专员跟进 解客户之忧 The company's after-sales service department specialists follow up the sale of products, such as product quality problems 7 days of return, 1 year warranty, warranty period if there are product quality problems within 2 hours by the after-sales service department to provide solutions, and within 5 working days to solve the problem, to avoid customer worries.

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